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frequently asked questions

  • Why would the HOA want the inventory back?

    By recovering the inventory, the HOA regains control of the inventory. You may now rent, sell or dispose of in anyway you see fit to help the HOA.

  • How can RSI help the HOA rent the recovered inventory?

    RSI gives you the option of placing all recovered inventory as well as other unsold or “Dead” inventory into the club fulfillment platform, allowing 200,000+ members access to that inventory for rental.

  • How does this program generate income from inactive accounts?

    Each time an owner decides to participate in the deed back program, a fee is paid to the HOA. This can be a substantial amount depending on how many people participate.

  • Are the resort owners going to be subjected to high pressure sales or harassed?

    Absolutely not! The program is strictly voluntary and our specialists provide the owner with straight forward information. We go the extra mile to make them happy with the offer and our approach.

  • How does the HOA receive “Recurring” revenue from this program?

    Each time a participating member renews their travel club membership, the HOA receives a portion of the annual dues. This is generally as much or more than the management percentage in the maintenance fee.

  • How does this program get inventory back without foreclosure costs?

    As mentioned, the program is voluntary and the owner signs a deed to the association of their own free will. This saves you hundreds on each transaction and Deedback Solutions provides all legal documents and support without cost to the HOA.

  • Does Deedback Solutions approach the resorts paying members?

    NEVER!!! We only approach the members you choose.

  • Will the resort have to provide staff to answer questions about the program?

    NO! All calls are handled by highly trained agents in our Asheville office. In fact, Deedback Solutions will provide onsite training to your staff on how to handle the stray customer that does call the resort directly.

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